2017 Plans

Looking back on the last few years of my life has been strange. I’ve been reviewing my life as it was and all the things I have and haven’t done. All the things I should have done and all the things I want to do.

This year I have big plans that I am going to get done, without excuses.

I’ve returned to journaling as of the first. It was something I did in my high school years. I would write everyday after school, sometime after I finished dinner before I would read in bed cuddling with my puppy. It was fun and it didn’t have to be perfect or well thought out. That was the thing, it was just raw, imperfect writing. And it kept me sane.
I got a head start on this one. I started a month before the new year in order to get into the rhythm and I have to say, I am loving it. While I’m not sure I plan to increase my pace, I am sure to keep the pace.
This isn’t something I can start right away, however it is in the works. Look forward to it closer to the spring.
I’m not sure I can draw every day, but I’m going to try around the same time I write my journal. But regardless I want to complete more projects. I hit less than 20 last year and I want to surpass that. I’d love to do some commissions as well.
Yah, I have the goal to make my house 60% paperless. As an artist, I just cannot commit to a full 100% paperless lifestyle and based on reliable resources, I don’t want to do it either. However, there is a clutter of unnecessary paper in my house at all times and I’d like to organize my digital filing system and clean up around here.
I’m still on the fence here. I like to draw but I’m not really a logo artist. So, how I will update it is still something in the TBD pile but I do not what I’m going for.
This is important. I am working on a system to bring my shop full circle and turn it into something I want. I have big plans for the things I want to sell in my shop and I am hoping to make it a flowing project.
I am awful with committing to any written project. I have some projects that are less than 1000 words to completion and I just can’t do it. I am going to push myself harder and stick to the story until it is done.
Okay, this may seem strange from someone hoping to be published traditionally, but I want to spread my wings into a lot of things, so I’m going for the full experience. I want to have something to compare both the ease and my own quality and I want to challenge myself more.
I’m not going to give much away here, but I want people to know, there is a magazine in 2017 coming. I have a lot of folks helping out here and we are hoping to make it a big hit.
This is coming. This is definitely coming. If for no one else, this is for my kids and my friends, but it is coming.
I already have a story being worked on by an artist and editor right now. I’m self-publishing these under a different name simply for the ability to avoid rating debacles. I can’t wait until this book is complete.
My kids are into cosplay and fun, and I love cosplay but I want in on those artist alley spots. I don’t plan to be there this year, but I want to hit up a few places, make some friends, and make plans for 2018.
I’m socially awkward. Even on-line I struggle to make friends. My anxieties are awful and I understand I’m not everyone’s favorite person, but I am hoping to reach out and make more friends in the coming year.

Hm, I think this is a great start to the year. Next blog post is all about a new series of writing tips! And keep an eye out for announcements. I’m looking to be moving soon so that may get in the way a bit.

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