Xaneria Ann

IMG_20160731_091611This is the place that one would typically put a catching hook phrase. This is clearly not that kind of phrase, but greetings anyways! Welcome to my page.

I am a creator living in the United States with little bits of my heart scattered around the world, awaiting my next adventure. I live with my children, and several furbabies as we enjoy life together. We are hoping to travel to South Korea in the near future.

I am an author, an artist, a vlogger/ blogger, and hobby gamer. I spend my days consuming copious amounts of caffeine and chocolate, letting my childish imagination run wild. There may be a mild obsession with elves, rabbits, dragons, and shifters living in my soul.

It is a dream to work in the film industry, specifically in South Korea, where I hope to grow as a writer.

Creativity is not only a release of my imagination gone insane but also a way for me to share my world with others. My goal is to bring people together and to bring everyone a little fun and pleasure through my work.

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