I do not write without reason. I write with purpose and with people in mind. From role plays in the past to simple conversations, everyone and anyone I have ever met inspires me. Because of this, the people in my life are my greatest inspiration and deserve much gratitude..

Grandpa– George Jones, Johnny Cash, The Duke, and coffee on the porch.

Rival– I will always be thankful for the antagonists in my life. You have inspired great evil in my stories and shown me what it means to be viciously devious.

Family – For without family I would be bored during my slumps and would not exist. You are wonderful people, always supporting me in your unique ways.

Creativity – For years you have inspired me and only told me to take my inspiration further. When I am lost or confused you were always able to guide me safely to a new place where my words began to come to life.

Determination – Always the hero in an antagonist’s clothing, you have pushed me further than many and always gave me an aggressive stance. You were doubtless in my abilities and shoved me to the edge until I clawed my way to the surface.

Humor – For always making me laugh, my slave in life, reminding me that sometimes I need to just step back and make fun of myself and my characters. You are the laughter in my heart.

Consistency – When I wanted to go this way and forgot to shoe my horse you always beat me with a reality check and fixed some of the most simple mistakes. You have kept me comfortable and prevented me from tripping over my own two feet.

Stoneshell – What you gave me in love will always be worth more than the beatings you gave me in this cage. You’ll be eternal.

Abuse – Every wound received became a stronger scar binding me to this world.

Abandonment – Because if you had not been here I would have died. If you had not died, I would not ache. Because of you I can channel my anger, fears, and understand the angst of my characters, the desperation they feel at any given moment, and transfer these feelings to words. I’m on a merry-go-round of emotions for over a decade, allowing me to always be in touch and able to transfer from one mind-set to another, easily.

Anti-Fans – Thank you for reading my works, taking the time to explore my worlds, and giving it a chance.

Fans – Oh, you sweet creatures. Thank you for looking at these stories, finding something to love in my worlds, and keeping my characters alive within your hearts as well.

Love – The elusive creature that fills me, I will hold you for eternity. Even if this moment passes, you will be forever a second breath of life in a dark time.



-updated March 2017