Abused: Story of My Lady

This is an epic poem, a long story poem. This is rather old but one of my favorites.


Deep red curtains filled the room,
Blackness consumed and blinded me,
The footsteps behind me would catch me soon,
And to ease my fears my mind lied to me.
I crawled into the darkest corner,
I found a place behind a throne,
The stone wall was cold against my shoulder,
Cold in this place where no light shone.

“Come here, young child.” I heard her say,
Her voice was simple, calm and sweet,
“There is no need to run away,”
And then I heard the tapping of her feet.
She stepped to the left and then to the right,
She was walking slowly, trying to find me,
And then her body past my sight,
So I moved myself to better see.

And then her hand came to my face,
I stumbled back and nearly screamed.
I was really scared in this new, strange place,
A palace of gold just like a dream.
She guided me out with hands gentle and warm,
But I could not see her face in the dark,
Outside there raged a terrible storm,
And somewhere in the distance a dog barked.

“What is wrong my poor sweet daughter?”
The woman whispered in my ear.
“I was chasing my cat but have not caught her.”
I replied to her with trembling fear.
“Should I help you search for it?”
The woman was quick to offer.
A twisting ache came to my stomach’s pit.
“No, I never really lost her.
My father got really angry last night,
He beat me once and then some more,
He did it to me out of spite,
Because I didn’t go to the store,
To buy his cigarettes and his beer,
Those things he always likes,
That make him the way that I fear,
And creeps into my bed at night.”

Both of my hands were trembling
And my heart was beating fast and hurt,
I had begun my terrified words and rambling,
And the tears I cried had soaked my shirt,
But the woman just rubbed my hair,
She touched my face and smiled,
“That is not really fair,
To such a sweet and lonely child.”

“Come with me,” she spoke once more,
Waving a finger in the air,
She began slowly towards a lit door,
The light so bright I had to stare.
I could see her back now in the light,
Her long reddish cloak flowing,
Her hair was long, thick and white,
And her skin was barely showing.
She was taller than me by at least a foot,
The gown she wore was a dark, dark red.
The stone floor around me covered in soot,
So many questions filled my head.

“Come with me, don’t be shy,
I understand the pain you feel,
The reason those tears that you cry,
Are far from ever being healed.
I will give you a place to hurt no more,
A place that is filled with peace,
A place just like an ocean shore,
Quiet and calm and obsolete.
Those people that have used you,
Shall no longer have that right,
I shall give you things to amuse you,
And bring you to my kind of light.
So follow me sweet lonely girl,
And do not hesitate or falter,
There are other paths in this cold, cruel world,
And Realities that stand unaltered.”

Her words were like a long, soft chant,
Making my emotions beginning to calm,
My mind had reached a gentle trance,
And I forgot all about going home.
I followed the candle lit path she laid,
Before me in this winding hall,
I followed to a room made of slate,
And suddenly to the bed I began to fall.

Her hands grabbed hold of my arms,
Her body drew ever close
My mind was screaming ignored alarms
And there was a silence in my throat.
The prick deep into my skin
It was a strange pain,
Fast and strong it began to thin,
Followed by a warm rain.
There was little thought in my head,
Until the moment my eyes began to shut,
I thought I would soon be dead,
And I didn’t mind much.

Who would want me to return home?
I knew already it was done,
My parents wouldn’t even give me a stone,
Away or home I was no one.
At least not to them and not to strangers,
To myself I was the only me,
And in the face of these perils dangers,
I wondered what I would soon be.
Could I turn to dust and be forgotten?
Would anyone even cry?
If I was only a good girl, never rotten,
Would it matter if I live or die?

In the twist of my deep thoughts,
The sensation began to slow.
I heard her voice with the comfort I sought
“Now is the beginning of my show.
Rest now innocent little one,
There is no one to hurt you any longer,
All that pain is far and gone,
I will keep you safe and make you stronger.
Wake from your deep, soft sleep,
And look me in the eyes.
Your powers will begin to creep,
And the old you will die.
Awake my child of the night,
And hold tight my hand.
This is the end of your mortal fight,
Let the past turn to sand.”

The sensation had finally ended.
I eagerly could hear her call.
This mysterious woman I befriend,
Had gone and seen it all.
She had entered my head and stole my heart,
Took hold of all my fears
And with her hands tore them apart,
While wiping all my tears.

As my eyes took in the rooms light,
I could finally see clear,
Her bold beautiful face filled my sight,
An image on my brain now seared.
Her lips were red as fresh new blood,
Which trickled down to her chin,
Her eyes were brown like summer mud,
And her body was tall and thin.
Her skin was soft and barely white,
A very faint tint of green,
Her nails were all black as night,
The most beautiful I had ever seen.

“As you are,” she spoke through sultry song,
“There is nothing left to fear,
Your teeth will grow sharp and long,
And you will hear more than normal ears.
Your body may remain small and lithe,
Your skin may turn pale,
But when it comes to a fight,
You will be stronger than any male.
There is nothing left that can hurt you,
You are immortal my dear,
Your eyes will search straight and true,
So you shall see what your prey fears.
Now step on out of this castle’s walls,
Search the streets and your home,
There is nothing that can make you fall,
Make your pain into their own.”

Her words were like drugs and empowered me so,
So I left the stone floors and hit the street
My body was so light and ready to go,
And I was even faster on my feet.
I hit the ground and began to run,
I had never wished to open that door,
And when I arrived I had so much fun,
Their bloody bodies covered the floor.
“This is my revenge Mom and Dad,
For the pain you caused me and hurt I felt,
For the nights I spent in that bed
And the bruises left from his belt.
I watch you suffer and see your tears,
I have no sympathy feel no pain,
The night you kill me was my biggest fear,
Next to my bed full of stains.
I hope you remember my words as you die,
I hope you think of what you did,
I was never considered a child in your eyes,
But I was truly just an abused kid.”

My body began to trembled, and quake.
The taste of revenge so sweet,
And the high had made my hands shake.
As I laughed clear off my feet.
A strong darkness crept up my spine,
And cold began to freeze my limbs,
In my head I heard a rhyme
It was her voice singing a dark hymn.
I ran out the door into the night’s rain,
My legs gave out and I fell
My body started to fill with pain,
Which made scream and yell.

Through the dimness I heard her ask,
“What is it you had thought?
I would help you but give no task,
To repay the revenge you had sought?
Weak little child, now broken and lost,
Let your hateful soul feed my power,
Like rubble and trash you were tossed,
And this shall be your final hour.”
My breath gone, my heart did not tick
My body twitched from the rain,
I had fallen into evil’s trick
And I paid for it in pain.

-Xaneria Ann | 2010

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