Battle Hymn Heart

It isn’t often I say this, but my hand was moved, my soul was pushed to revisit this. It was a calling. So, here is an old promise of love and loyalty, protection and determination. Maybe it all went to my head.

Give me a thousand words,
I’ve got your back.
A million demons knocking down your walls,
I’ve got a million more bricks.
Step past the frame,
Take a leap of faith out the door.
My breath at your back,
It will be the wind in your wings.
Eat my heart and consume my soul,
I’ll fill the voids in yours.
Let all the bitches whine,
Let them cry and scream your name,
Jealousy is a cruel mother,
Breeding thousands.
Raise the sword from my shattered chest,
My back be your shield.
A knight for my queen, a joker for my lady.
Take your last free breath,
Shackle to my arms,
Step into the world and fall with me.
If you are going down, I’ll fall first.
If you are out of air, take mine.
Thunder at your back, lightning at your front,
I’m sheltered over you.
Whips, sticks, stones being throne,
Take my skin – thickened from the past.
Darkness cannot find your eyes,
This lantern will guide you free.
Heartbeat for me, be strong.
Keep taking stride and walk,
Never alone, not to be forgotten
Always wanted, in demand.
My life for your smile,
My heart for your happiness.

-Xaneria | 2013

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