My Daily Challenge, Bi-Monthly Accountability

BMWC - JanFeb
Due:2 years ago


And there it is. As of today, my word count is well on its way to being something to be proud of.

So what is it? BMWC is a BiMonthly Word Count, a challenge I made to myself where my daily word count goals are around 3,500 words. This isn’t limited to writing. It includes my daily journal, poetry, and other creative ways I write. This also includes blog posts. The point is to get myself writing, not matter how much effort that takes, because like art, I tend to find reasons to not write anything. This has become a serious problem in my dream chasing. So, now I’m keeping track of m writing count. Just write. Write every day.

Likewise, I have challenged myself to sketch every day. I plan to update my wordcount weekly, so I will probably start posting a favorite sketch every once in a while as well. I’m still working on that one.


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