Book Genre: Romance

BlackHearts Anthology

A collection of works about twisted love.

We all have that person we care about, but what happens when love transforms into something darker? Join us in reading these dark, twisted stories of love and what it leads people to do.

Includes Xaneria Ann's short story, 14 Days.

I haven't seen her smile in fourteen days. I know this is my fault. I'll regret my choices for the rest of my life, however long that may be.

Devour A God

Stepping from Ahavalla to follow his ordained path, God of Destruction Runihara travels the lands, spreading death, and sickness. In an effort to appease him, the people present an offering to the wrathful God. But when a young male bride is left at the foot of his shrine, the God must choose between leaving the boy to exile or taking him to the next village, all under the nose of rising darkness.


Devour A God