I swear this is the last week I’ll be giving an itinerary of my year! There will, from time to time, be a new schedule popping up where I talk about conventions I’m attending, webinars I’m joining, and other such nonsense but this is truly the last week that I give a foundational play by play on my year.

Why am I filling my posts with my plans for the future? Because I’m moving and it is just about all I have time for while writing. The move will be over soon.

So, what is it this time? Challenges! This is my promise to participate in certain challenges through the year. And here they are!

365 days of sketches – this is actually a part of my kids’ unschooling. They are also taking on the challenge of drawing every day for the entire year. After my move, I’ll be posting the last 15 days of sketches in conjunction with the next 15 days, so I’ll be double posting on my Sketchbx or Tumblr page.

365 days of morning expression – Another part of my kids’ unschooling projects, this is our morning routine. We wake up, we write, and we reflect. This can be anything at all, just to get the words from our heads to paper and practice written communication.

Nanowrimo – I WILL do this challenge this year. I’ve actually plotted my writing and as long as things hold up, I know what three stories I’ll be picking from and already have outlines ready to pump out 50k+ words for November.

Inktober/Dralloween – I tend to get side-tracked here and forget. Last year I did several which was fun but with my living situation as it was, I faltered. This year will be preplanned and I’ll be getting new inks and paper before starting.

30 days of Pen Pals – This one may seem strange but I’ve decided to dedicate 30 days to making friends. For myself, as busy as I am, friends on-line is the easiest way. Taking this into account, I’ve added it to our unschooling list and I am challenging the household to 30 days of making friends. A few of those people need to be from the language we are studying. For myself and my oldest, that would be German. For my younger two daughters, that is Korean. For my son, if he could just learn his phonics and how to count past 10 I would appreciate that. This includes posting on a forum and making an effort every day for 30 days to make friends.

30 Day fitness challenge – So we have a morning routine and a morning workout, but it is all rather simple. In May or June, I’ll be taking on a harder workout challenge to decrease body fat, increase strength, and shape myself up a bit.

30 Day Love Me Book – Taken from our time in the military, the Love Me book in my version of this challenge is all about expression and a better relationship with yourself. At the start of the year, we already write letters to ourselves which we open at the end of the year. This challenge asks us to change not what we do as people but how we feel about ourselves. (Not really 30 days since it runs from Feb 14-March 14).

I’ve started a board on Pinterest to collect other 30 day challenges I might find. I haven’t added any whole 30, though I love it because I try to practice this daily.

Some other things I’ll be participating in includes the Pen Pal Painting Challenge, A 365 writing club, and prepping for the Sketchbook challenge in 2018 hopefully. I know people are cringing at the cheese, but in this day and age, a 30 Day challenge CAN become a way to grow as a person and I am hoping to just keep on growing. As I participate in each challenge or program I’ll be posting about them here.

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