Creative Development and Editing Services

You must learn to overcome your very natural and appropriate revulsion for your own work.

-William Gibson

In the quest for some form of creative perfection, we often become the harshest critics of our own work. This cycle is what leads to us missing important and often developmentally strong pieces and settling on things we know work for others. Sometimes, we are just not equipped to edit our own work. As a writer myself, I understand these feelings as well, and as a lover of stories and the creative process, it is my honor to offer my services to writers everywhere.

At this moment I accept only fantasy, science fiction, romance, and horror genres. I only accept work in English at this moment. Below is a list of my services and costs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

As always, I offer a free trial for each service to see how we work together and if we can meet your needs as a team. 50% of cost must be before submitting work. The remainder will be due upon completion. Financing is available for 3-6 months worth of payments.

30 Minute Creative Development Discussion – $75

Do you have an idea? Whether you have pages to throw at me or not, let me help. Writing coach, idea buddy,  or a dart board for the story-plot slush in your brain; come and sit with me to throw your story at me. Let’s talk. Let’s break it down. Let us work together to find what works, what doesn’t work, what is cliche and what is not cliche enough. Let’s revisit and build your characters, discuss your climax, and throw ourselves into the torrential waters of your creative flow. Bring your questions, your concerns, your fears, and your confusions. I’ll give you instant feedback. And if you want to send me writing samples or written background information or synopsis pages, I will review up to 5 pages of 12 point, Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced material prior to our conversation. We can work comparing and improving up to two different projects. Discussions can happen on Discord or Skype, in chat or via voice conversations.

Interested? Schedule today! Want to test the waters? Schedule a 10-minute free text-based chat session on Skype or Discord.


Synopsis Revision – $150

The dreaded synopsis. That crazy piece of paper that tells just enough of the story to bring people in but not enough to drag on and give each gritty detail of your story, it is clearly one of the most important pieces of non-creative-creative-writing an author needs to engage battle with. As much as I personally dislike writing them, reading a synopsis is a window into the soul of a piece that I cannot help but enjoy. As a writer, I use the synopsis to outline my story and work to fine-tune it down with each revision until it is a cohesive and strong introduction to my work. The amount this process has helped me as a writer is insurmountable and the people I’ve worked with have seen similar results. Let’s take this moment to look deep into the pool of your ideas and find the compelling story you have within it.

I will begin my process with a 20-questions review where I point out plot holes or questions, make suggestions for cutting wordy information, and honing in on potential hotspots to retain. From there, I will work with you through up to 3 revisions of your synopsis until we’ve reached your goal. At most, 20 pages of a 12 point, Times New Roman font, 1.5 spaced synopsis may be submitted. Any longer material will be subject to additional fees of up to $5 per page. Our ultimate goal will be to leave you with a  10-20 page concise synopsis and a 1-2 page abridged submittable synopsis for electronic submissions.

Ready to get started? Schedule today! Want to give a try first? Schedule a free 2-page revision trial.


Beta Report – $2.5 per page up to 100 pages/ $5 per page above 100 pages

A quick explanation of price: When you turn in your story for submission, I will charge you based on the pages. If you turn in a 100-page manuscript, it will cost $250. If you turn in a 300-page manuscript, it will cost $1,500.

These deep dive beta reports are meant to give you a look from the perspective of a reader. I will work with you to give you the most honest opinion on your story. Things you will receive with this package include:

  • In-depth Notes: I am a sticky-note queen and highlighters fear me. I will give you the strongest possible critique of your work with notes and questions. I will talk about suspense, tension, dramatic plot, cliches and tropes, passive voice, imagery, feelings, settings, and more.
  • Character Critique: I will talk about character personalities, flaws and imperfections, tropes, and factors involved in romance, communication, and character motivation.
  • Line Editing: Sentence structure and grammar will be the focus here. Copyedits will be included.
  • Open Email Discussion: Feel free to respond to my critique and ask questions or discuss my critique. I will do my best to work with you and brainstorm solutions to any problems that arise.

All submissions should be 12-point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.

Interested? Schedule today! Need a preview of my work? Schedule your free 10-page trial to see if we are compatible.


CopyEditing – $3 per page

Sometimes, we just need a second eye for misused words in the midst of a writing frenzy or the upset grammar our mind grazes over when we self-edit. It is one of those things that is just bound to happen and it never hurts to have a second look. Feel free to hit me up with your work for a quick, line by line, copyedit. I will check your spelling, grammar, overused words, passive voice and use of adverbs, and sentence structure. Suggestions will be offered as well for replacements or repairs.

Ready to give it a go? Schedule today! Feel unsure if you need or want it? Give me a try with a 7-page trial and see how it goes.