Creative Disasters

This is a PSA! (Sort of.) I’m going to keep this post short: Creativity is messy.

I swear, my desk is a clean, safe zone for productivity, for about 2 hours. The moment I become productive is the moment chaos stretches her tattered wings and unleashes a hell-storm of disaster on my once completely functional desk space.

Once in a while, it looks like an actual desk. 

Sometimes, I even create stacks of work… neat-ish stacks.

But it all comes down to a derelict¬†mind-vomit on my desk when I’m done.

And somehow I manage to game still. I even work.

So, what is the point of this post littered with images of my desk? Creativity is messy.

People are unique, and not everyone will experience this. Some people are perfectly capable of being creative and not causing an absolute riot of materials. Then there are the rest of us. And you know what? It is okay to be messy.

I’m trying to learn this.

I’m trying to teach myself to love my messes when they happen and not freak out because my anxiety is a dark mistress with a horrible hobby for telling me how much of a failure I am when I don’t stay as organized as my brain would like me to be. This sucks. It becomes hard to work, hard to create when all you think is that you have failed. So, I decided to write this post as a reminder to myself and my readers: It is okay to make a mess. It is okay to not be perfect. Creativity isn’t perfect. It is imperfection exemplified.

Go on and make a mess and get creative. That’s my plan this week.

-Xaneria Ann

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