Creators and Caffeine

Hang onto your horses, this is going to be a big pile of ramblings.

Have you seen the #mugshotmonday ? If you haven’t, you should. There are two things you will notice, real mug shots and MUG shots.

I’m the latter. MM for me falls into the darkest reaches of my depraved mindset: my addiction to caffeine. And I’m not alone. I’ve seen people of many walks of life, particularly creators, who are all in when it comes to a big mug of a caffeinated beverage. Teas, coffees, the occasional bad-for-you sodas. These things exist, and it got me wondering why.

Now, hold on. I’m not going to run into a heap of science here, though there will be some sourced information. I simply want to examine: why do we need caffeine as creators. And as a disclaimer, not all creators need caffeine or consume it. This does not refer to any set number of people, it is simply a fun look at my own life.

I recently came across this video by a Youtube Creator, James Taylor. It is something rather interesting.

And ASAP Science explains what caffeine does to your brain.

So, the first thing I realize is quitting caffeine is going to be difficult for me, but it also gives a possible explanation to that tired feeling when I’m cutting back on my consumption. This explains a lot of my feelings of emptiness when I feel as if my brain isn’t working well. I really dislike this feeling because I’m drawing blanks on everything I am trying to do and I just want to sit in front of a TV and binge watch shows.

Not very productive.

But caffeine is also a happy pill. It increases adrenaline and dopamine. This is, in itself, enticing. It is also rather self-explanatory. If something makes us happy and gives us a rush, we crave it and often seek it out. This is how addiction works.

So in short, I am addicted. I already knew that.

Good news is, it’s pretty much impossible to overdose on caffeine. The amount needed to kill us is way too far out of reach. The bad news is, it is still addictive and wreaks havoc on our system.

What does this all have to do with me, or with creators in general?

I’m going back to this blank space here.

Caffeine wakes up your brain, even if it is only temporary, and I find that I think the best when caffeine is readily available to me. When I have open access to caffeine, I can keep my head running, and unfortunately, I have learned that this is also the reason falling asleep is hard, but when it all comes down to my brain being so full of ideas, I like to think the caffeine is part of the reason. Otherwise, this entire post is pointless and I have no reason to really keep drinking it.

And then there is anxiety, but that is another topic.

I’ve recently made a pact with my family to start drinking mellowing, caffeine-free coffees before bed, trying to adhere to a sleep schedule, and removing caffeine from my drinks about two hours before bed.

In conclusion: Caffeine is an addiction, I am addicted, and it helps my creative brain fire on all pistons, but I promise to try and at least sleep better at night.

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Dianna Gunn

Fellow caffeine addicted, specifically addicted to those bad-for-you sodas. My goal for this year is to switch to tea, and cut out all caffeine 6 hours before bed time.