Enter the Chaos

The end of January has proven to be less organized than I originally intended it to be. I mean, my desk is a mess.

I’m starting to realize that a system isn’t infallible. Damn it.Going into the next month with an even busier schedule, I clearly need to adjust fire.

Firstly, I need better alarms and lately, I’ve been finding I have some unnecessary¬†ones. So cleaning out my Alarmed app is a must. Adjusting my schedule is also important. The husband has been killing me with his graveyard shift – I don’t sleep well alone – and finding myself tired I’m going to give myself an extra hour of sleep each day.

Finally, I’m starting to see a need for additional drawers. I’m looking into solutions, but folders, paper organizers, and drawers for pencils is a must. Mugs full of supplies is no longer working out. Maybe I just need a bigger desk. If we were in a different place, mounting my monitors might be a good option.

The point is to quell the mess before January comes along and throws the busiest schedule I’ve ever had at me and I drown in rogue office supplies.

Who else struggles with office supply surplus?

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