Finding Inspiration

This is just a short little blog post as this week has been hectic and I keep seeming to mess things up right when I think I’ve grown accustomed to everything. Haha, good job me.

So, I wanted to talk about where I find my inspiration, what really inspires me.

Everything. My¬†brain isn’t something I can just sit down and analyze and how it works is still a mystery to me, but literally, anything can be inspiration. Good music, an interesting show or books, gaming, role play. That guy down the street walking his dog. It depends on when my brain starts working.

If I had to say anything it is that I tend to zone out when I’m letting inspiration roll about and music is 90% of the time involved. We listen to music everywhere, doing almost everything. Music is good for your body, I think.

So, in light of my statement – inspiration comes from anything – I’m going to start working on a secret challenge for my patrons next week. Maybe it will dribble over into a contest here on the blog. Time will tell.


-Xaneria Ann

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