Inspiration: What It Is and the Top 5 Ways I Find It.

If you are a creative person you’ve probably experienced it: inspirational void. You stare at your white page and wait, realizing nothing is coming to you. Some of us just wait for inspiration to hit us. After all, inspiration is when it all bursts int our conscious and throws us into a parade of thought, right?

But is that what inspiration really is?

The definition of inspiration calls it a stimulation, especially creative, to feel or do something. It is a trigger, a creation of your environment bringing your innate ability to think or feel a depth of creativity that had been previously dormant.

To put it simply, it is a massage for your creative mind.

Well, we can massage our brains, in a metaphorical sense, can’t we? Yes, we can.

I won’t lie. I was a lazy creator. I sat on my butt and waited for inspiration to hit for oh, so many years. I’m spending everyday working to correct this error in my life and I’ve found five things that have really helped me jump-start my thoughts. So, without further figurative language, here are the top 5 ways I’ve given my brain a harsh elbow into creative thought.

A morning journal.

Yep, I keep a morning journal. One thing that I’ve found is I tend to have some awesome dreams and it is those dreams I want to remember that vanish by the time I sit down to write about them. So, instead of jumping out of bed and neglecting my writing, I start the writing almost immediately. My journal sits next to my bed and I pick it up, roll out to make my coffee and start writing right away. I write anything from dreams to things I want to do that day.


I like to take an hour or so with my favorite music playlist giving a concert in my ears and let my mind wander with the music. I don’t focus on anything in particular, just let my head slip into a lull of music and imagination, usually while washing dishes or folding laundry.

Existing media.

Depending on the mood I’m going for, I’ll turn on a movie, television, or read a book or magazine. I look for the smallest things to inspire me and I jot it down immediately in my ideas book. (This is a separate book from my morning journal).


It isn’t easy as a mother of four to go out and just stare at people, but I try to do it whenever I get the chance. Though I often have to commit things to memory or summarized scratch, I try to listen to those loud conversations and make note of the way it flows. Sometimes, the kids and I play a game where we guess what is going to be said next. I do this to my kids as well. I just sit down and type everything they say in their hilarious games together. I’ve got material for days to embarrass them with later in life. Your own conversations can be great material as well!

Inspiration Boards.

There was a time I kept a Tumblr of inspiration but I have to admit, Pinterest is the bomb. I have been trying to take all my paper cutouts of inspiration and move them to digital but when I really need inspiration I open my device, pull up Pinterest and start pinning. I do this for dinner, too!

There are a dozen other things you can do but these are my favorite methods. How do you create your own inspirational environment?

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