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I consider myself a rather lucky person. I have a wonderful family that I love and that loves me in return. They are creative and full of energy. We are a family of six, which is considered a large family, but we really do hope to grow larger in the future. For now, this tiny guild is pretty happy.

In 2001, I met Jeremy, my now husband. We started dating in 2002, we got married in 2004. In April we will be celebrating 14 years together. We’ve been gaming together since, and he continues playing World of Warcraft since 2005 as CyanideJay. He’s rather dedicated. If you are interested in video games, specifically WoW, my hub is starting to build a platform for gaming on Twitch and his website.

Not to be outdone, and often finding themselves interested in the same things as Cyanide and me, my children are beginning their own ventures into the world. Each of them is unique, and as they slowly build their platforms, it is my responsibility as a parent to support them.

Ayrelia is our zombie. She’s a creature of habit, slow and steady, loves the darker side of things, and has a world of interest in storyboard art, comics, and writing.

Zaharra is affectionately known as Ducky. She started quacking as an infant and she’s never lived it down. She loves fashion, special effects makeup, and she’s stepping into the world of cosplay.

Phoenix is a cute and bubbly child with no end to her talking and no end to her eating. She loves food and is always in the kitchen, making it cute, pretty, and full of delicious food.

Varian is the only son, the youngest, and a tad spoiled, but like his sister, he loves food. He enjoys video games, working out, and learning. He’s only a toddler but he often shocks people when he starts to talk.

I love my family. I hope that’s obvious, but more than anything I’m proud of how they’ve grown and continue to grow. It inspires me. While I would love to brag about them more, and I know I could go on for days about them, we’ve decided to work as a family towards a different goal.

We’ve always kept records of family meetings, family game nights, and how our house functions, but one day, our kids asked if we could be like “those other families”. Those others being family vloggers.

I’ll admit it first, I’m not down with being fully dressed and polished 24/7, but I didn’t think they had a horrible idea. With a few other influences, such as adoption and distant relatives, Cyanide and I thought of a good enough plan.

We are making a website. I’ve officially added more to my workload, but it is a labor of love.

That’s enough ramblings from me today.

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