Making Plans

I feel like I’ve been here before. I probably have, though I’ll leave blame for my anxiety in general. Either way, we are taking steps in the right direction.

This is not a very awesome post…

My publishing company is taking off, and we are putting a lot of thought into the end of this year and going into next year with some awesome new projects. Until then, I’m trying to get back to a place I was a long while back and find some organization that will help me stay on track with my writing and the dreaded social media. Enter the planner! Return of the planner? You have no idea how good it feels to have a functional planner back.

Between bi-weekly doctor visits and weekly injections in the hospital, I’m super busy in my real life. It’s gotten a bit harder, but I’m working hard.

One thing I found helps me stay focused is being organized, and if you’ve never suffered from a complete breakdown due to mental illness, it may not make a lot of sense how it took this long to climb back out of that hell and reach a point where I feel human again, but due to something massively damaging, here we are.

At least I’ve gotten things organized. I even got my pens and pencils back in order. I can see my desk’s top again.

So, there is a lot coming. I’ve released my schedule on Patreon already. I’ll be releasing it later here on the blog once I’ve finished organizing this place. I’ve decided to make some changes to the way my site is set up to better reflect my publisher.

And, back to writing.

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