Mama’s Dolly

A sprint story, I had 30 minutes to write this.


Nina had about enough. Stepping outside in the cold she felt the wind blow up her fishnets, her thong stopping nothing. She was exposed and she hated this weather. It was bad for business, bad for fun, just overall bad. As white as the snow was, it always left mud and gunk on the bottoms of her pleather boots, dragging the path she walked on wherever she went. How one was supposed to look presentable in this dreary season, she had no idea.
  “Another fucking day of soggy carpets and muddy floors,” she snarled, lighting her cigarette. The sweet flavor of soaked rum on the filter was a welcomed pleasure. “Laura, are you about ready, I’m freezin’ out here.”
  Nina pulled her faux fur jacket up over her shoulders and started to snap the buttons. Screw being presentable. Until she walked into the neon-lit doorway and that old, heavy heater hit her with a burst of oven like air, she was going to stay snug.
  “Damn, shut it. I’m ready. I’m ready. My high stilettos broke. You know, the ones with the lace ups?”
  “So you put those on,” Nina laughed. “I have a pair of toeless office heels in my locker.”
  “Can I borrow them?”
  “Nope, just wanted you to know I had them. Yes. You can borrow them, you nitwit.”
  Laura wrinkled her freckled round nose. “Thanks, you’re a lifesaver.”
  “Yah, let’s hurry. I’m freezing my tits off.”
  Under the pink neon, Laura’s red hair shimmered. She danced like an idiot, stiff and concentrating on her next move, but she was gorgeous. Natural curves, thick form, an adorable face, and freckles to pair with her dimples – face and ass. She drew in a crowd because she was so pretty, she would be number one in the club if she didn’t look like a robot trying to recreate Flash Dance. But Nina still loved her.
  Laura’s body was perfect. Perfectly full of flaws and round in all the right places, everyone could appreciate it. The scars on her back gave her character and the freckles on her shoulders made her appear more innocent than she was. Those easily bruised thighs were luscious to look at and her ankles were strong. It was her lips, those full, rosy lips, that pulled Nina in. Watching Laura smiled, hands firmly gripped around the stage pole, her white teeth flashed behind those ever desirable lips.
  Shrugging her shoulders, Nina shook her body gently and leaned off the counter. She stacked drinks onto her tray and swung her way between a few tables, snapping several beers down for the men under Laura’s spell. They had front row seats to everything. Laura was down to her purple string bikini and a lacy red garter belt.
  “Enjoyin’ the show boys?”
  One of them nodded, knocking back the beer. Another slapped Nina’s ass. “Nina! Your new girl is quite the star. Look at these boys, star struck!”
  “That’s Laura,” Nina replied, gathering the empty bottles. “She’s been here two months, Mike.”
  “Been busy,” he stated, taking a sip of his beer. “Work is on the rise during the winter.”
  “Fucking snow.” Nina reached up and swatted the hand of a pink-cheeked, dark haired boy with google eyes. “We don’t touch. Nick will throw your ass on the street, snow bank and all.”
  “Sorry,” the boy responded, setting his hand on the table, still in awe.
  “Call if ya’ll need another round Mike.”
  Stripped of everything but her garter, Laura spun, touched her toes and rocked her rear down to the ground. She smiled at Nina and climbed up the pole with her legs above her head. A few more months and she’d be golden, a regular old star in the building, her name and face on the wall of “Mama’s Dollies” and a nice bonus to take home for the new year. It brought a smile to Nina’s face, the side of her lips curling up into an idiotic grin.
  “Don’t smile too much Mama.”

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