Original – Kawaii in Space


This adorable piece centers around a happy star in space. It was done with watercolor paint, on a 5×7 sheet of watercolor paper, and inked with a Pixma Pen.

“Born in a gust of debris and power, a tiny star struggled to glimmer. He pushed and push and tried with all his might. The other stars cheered for him and kept telling him it would come in time, but the tiny star felt weak. One night, while giving it his best, the star saw a child pointing at him from the earth. The child, tiny and round in the face, reached for the star with coos and giggles, determined to grab hold of the twinkly light. The child, tiny and cute, gave the star courage to try again and with all the feelings he could muster, the shone so brightly, the sky lit up around him. And the star was so happy from then on. As he watched over the earth and shimmered brightly in the darkness, the star knew he brought joy to someone. And so, he shined brightly, a smile on his face, warming the empty blackness around him and illuminating the galaxy just a bit more.”

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Original Artwork watercolor 5×7 painting on multi-media paper.

This product cannot be modified. Only one is available. This is an original piece that is not able to be replicated.

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Please allow 3-5 business days for processing and shipping. Item will be shipped with a heavy board to prevent bending, packaged in a cellophane sleeve.

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Additional information

Original Piece

This is a one of a kind original piece of artwork While prints may exist, this exact piece is specifically unique and unable to be recreated.


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