It’s a feeling we can’t grasp, or maybe we can.

Met a girl one time,
She was fine,
Want to make her mine,
But she declined.

Met this guy one day,
Looking my way,
Wanted to play,
He ran away.

Left brain,
Right brain,
Never tame,

We can be Straight, Gay,
It’s your way,
Don’t care what they say,
Sweet thing it’s your day.

Genderqueer, gender-flow,
Drag Queen at a show,
Drag King on the road,
Polycule you don’t know.

Girl, boy,
Real, toy,
Play coy,

Right brain,
Left brain,
Never tame.

Met this girl one time,
She was fine,
Had to make her mine,
Dinner, kiss, and wine.

-Xaneria Ann | 2014

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