Review of Secrets: The Rune Trilogy

So, let’s talk about a book.

Secrets: The Rune Trilogy
By E. H. Demeter



Let me start this off by saying a few things about this book and author. First off, this review is based on a previous edition released before 2016. I will update this review once I’ve received and read the new version. Also, while I know this author personally, I will do my best to be honest and impartial in my summarized review.

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Plain, average, and heartbroken Juliet Adams is a nurse trying to forget about her cheating ex-fiance and escape the world through the stories of an older patient at her workplace. After living for nearly six months as a shut-in outside of work, she gives into her sister’s whim for a vacation on the coast of Oregon where things get strange. Caught in a storm, she stumbles upon a glowing cave where Juliet meets a very naked, handsome and odd Marsh Darrow. From there, her life spirals into a twisted adventure of Selkies, war, and prophecies.

In case you are curious, a selkie is kind of like the Scottish version of a mermaid. They are seals in the water and can take human form. I highly recommend reading up on these gorgeous creatures, here. You can find information on them all over, and even a few good books on Amazon that talk about these often overlooked creatures. They are also rather pretty in artistic re-imagining.

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For me, the book started slowly. The first few chapters were a painstaking adventure meeting Juliet and understanding her rather emotional roller coaster of a broken relationship. Her life seemed to hinge on the relationship with her previous man, who was not worth the space he was given in the book, and her own self-worth. I wanted to throttle Juliet a few dozen times in the first three or four chapters telling her that she doesn’t need a man and to kick his memory to the curb so we could get on with the story. It was believable enough, I was having arguments late at night with a book, damn it, but her character was frustrating and the pace was weak.

We slam into a common trope, the destined one. An unsuspecting, low self-esteem but beautiful red-head and a hot, naked mystery man in a cave, thrown together by destiny. I’m not a fan of this trope, but I always find myself sucked in. This book was no different. Once Juliet met Marsh, my face was glued to the book for the next 3 days and I read it twice more in the same week.

One thing I have to admit is that naked Marsh had my eyes rolling. I was ready to jump into a harlequin novel with corny reasons for being together and love-at-first-sight, but we get a decent amount of time to fall for the relationship. It was still a fast track sort of romance, but a whirlpool romance with bumps along the way. So, go team Mariet!

The characters are full of interest and fun quirks. And if there isn’t a fan club for Adaline after all of this, I’ll make one! I would have liked more face-time with the villains, but they are villains after all. I’m still pretty hung up on the whole Selkies thing and I am impatiently waiting for book two. Bring me the selkies and go team Mariet! I definitely recommend the book to anyone who loves destiny, romance, mythological creatures, and a little mystery.

Are you ready to take a breath and swim with Juliet and Marsh in Secrets?

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