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Stories by Xaneria Ann

If he were anything but a king, he’d be a god. His personality was that grand, his heart that kind, his mind that bright. His prowess was unmatched, and he was respected by hundreds, but hundreds were not thousands. Before his fifty-second birthday, Last King of Somnaturval,  Erik Nirschen died in blood river of his beloved people, leaving nothing of his kingdom but a memory.

Devour A God

A romantic LGBT fantasy about the lives of Gods and their duties to the mortal realm. Devour A God takes place in the world of Ahavalla, realm of the gods and prison to the entities of evil that would suck the mortal realm dry.

Circle of Schon

A forbidden LGBT romance web serial about the relationship between the sister of the queen and the queen’s pet slave. 

The NewMerica Witch’s Rebellion

An LGBT novella trilogy focused on the vengeful destruction of a tyrannical government at the hands of powerful witches and their summons, their relationships, and the freedom to choose your own path. 

The Whispers of Reya Blood

 An LGBT action-fantasy tale following a character ripped from their own world and thrown into a war-torn world of fear as darkness tries to take their life and end a legacy of peace for eternity.

HoneyComb Rose

A web serial that follows the life-changing decision of one girl who decided to become queen to a fleeing alien race.

Sea of Scales

An LGBT fantasy-romance web serial which follows the efforts of a prince and his people trying to save the dragons of their world from extinction at the hands of a twisted sorcerer.