Taming my Wild Brain

I’m certain someone imagined a hunter, hands out, face to face with a snarling brain and a tiny heart pulsing above it.

Some people probably imagined a brain being lassoed.

Most people think I’m crazy. That’s fair.

Truth is, my brain is insane. Jokes like “Your brain is a mage portal, you just keep popping up in new subjects”, or “get shock therapy”, and “do you sleep?” have been made for years. No, I do not have ADD/ADHD. That’s my husband’s department, but my train of thought is often derailed by three other directionally challenged trains of inspiration and if I were to keep going with this ridiculous amount of figurative speech, we’d be here all night.

Wrangling in the wild beast – I swear I’ll stop never – was a big issue for myself for years. Suffering from General Anxiety Disorder or GAD, I tend to be consumed by illogical paranoia and worry that only leads to further anxiety. In the past, if I couldn’t organize something or put it under my undying control, I’d leave it. Let’s say this: It left my home on the line between lived in and tornado victim.

I’ve been with everything. Planners, journals, and diaries, alarms, reminders, giant wall calendars, husband secretaries (as sexy as that should be, don’t imagine it. It isn’t what you think). Nothing ever seemed to work and I was never satisfied with the way pre-made planners worked. They didn’t meet my needs, and making my own was a task I dreaded. I did everything on the computer.

Nothing was working. After a while, I gave up and just drown in my disorganized heap. Until mid-2017 when the last three years of effort spent on trying to find a system once again to keep my family sane finally paid off.

I found bullet journaling.

Now, hang on. Don’t roll your eyes and start shouting fad, cliche, overused, waste of time! I thought those things as well, but when I realized I didn’t have to be as pretty and artistic as those “Bujo Bloggers” out there, I was finally able to find a system that worked for me! Trial and error, trying to do too much at once or not giving myself a plan, these things really set me back, but I have finally found myself a plan and plan schedule that is keeping me on track.

Storytime over, I’d like to give you a preview of my system. Later in this year, I’ll be sharing far more organized and detailed systems to which I work. How I organize my inventory, how I file my writing, what my planner setup is and when I make time to plan- eventually, I’ll post all about these things, but for now, I want to give you a sneak peak.

I’ve grown to love many programs and tools but these are my organization love affairs in no particular order:

  • Evernote – notes, ideas, and inspirations, information dumping, brainsplaining (this is a word, love it.)
  • Airtable – Inventory, tracking, database management, and record keeping.
  • Trello – Major To-Do’s and team To-Do’s, thought organization and active listing.
  • Pacemaker – Wordcount tracker (this is a new friend. We are platonic at this moment but I am interested.)
  • Google Calendar – In synch with my phone, kindle, and PC, this baby is life.
  • Google Docs – Because this is the simplest place to share documents with writing and critiquing teams.
  • Dropbox – Art drop and share. I don’t use this often but this is a great place for sharing large files.
  • Missingltr – Oh, we just met but I’m already in love.
  • Buffer – Because filler posts are necessary.
  • Outlook – People, EMAIL IS LIFE.
  • Samsung 128GB Thumb Drives – (I also have a finger, but we will talk about this later.)
  • 6-8 Active Notebooks, mostly soft cover composition notebooks and one awesome Zelda notebook.
  • Big Oven App – Eating is important.
  • Alarmed – Because I NEED relentless reminders.
  • Ripl – I should use this one more often.
  • OneDrive – Backing up is key.
  • Scrivener – This is my one and only writing tool.
  • Discord – The applications for this chat tool are endless.

That’s my huge list of how my brain is kept in check. I look forward to sharing more about this as the months go on.

See something on the list you want to know about now? Leave me a comment!

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