This Fling

Love won’t always elude us, and when you find someone with such intoxicating feaures, life, old pain fades to moments of silence.

My heart was silent,

My body a parade,

When you walked in and sat.

The fire of your spirit,

It dyed the color of your hair,

The bite of your aura,

A red like the blood boiling in my veins.

Beryl eyes that bit like a virus,

Took my breath

And beat my chest.

Blossoming peach canvas,

Smattered in constellations of cute,

Precious markers that showed a path,

Straight to the scars on your back,

Wounds I can respect.

My tongue lept within my cheek,

Wondering if those freckled shoulders,

Tasted like strawberries and cream,

If those cheeks were rosy underneath

The dotted brown specs,

Which adorned your finest features.

And when our bodies met,

An embrace I had long forgotten,

The pounding in your chest,

Comforted this scarred-over heart.

And the desire I felt,

The guilt that chained these wrists,

Were washed away by your kisses,

Healing another shattered bit,

Of a haunting past,

I hope to forget.

  • -Xaneria Ann | 14 Feb 2017

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