This Year I Will: A Promise to Myself

We all know what the end of the year means: resolutions. Not all of us, but there are a ton of us that just get distracted and lose our heads in the new year. We just can’t stick to a resolution. I am one of those people. I’ve sputtered through a few smaller resolutions that have positively affected my life, but never stuck to any major changes set at the start of the year.

This year I want to be different.

To help myself along, I’ve already started to take steps. This blog is one of them! December of 2016 is my month to get into a new groove and adjust to some major changes in my life. Trying to manage a house full of children and animals, keeping up with my family, surviving holidays, and resisting the urge to transform into a hermit that never leaves my home is difficult.

So, what have I done this December to prepare? A lot, though I’m still actively working on this list.

  1. Build 5 2 complete story outlines from already formulated ideas.
  2. Create 5 4 timelines to match story outlines.
  3. Just write. Write 8 4 chapters from any story.
  4. Submit 5 4 works to my editor.
  5. Enter 2 contests for the winter.
  6. Create new 2017 poetry file.
  7. Schedule social media and blog posts each week.
  8. Create comprehensive task management.
  9. Build a database for work related items.
  10. Revise my writing methods.
  11. Build my daily writing platform. Define my reasons to write and goals.
  12. Craft my visual determination board.
  13. Plan my 2 serials for the year.

You’ll notice some are crossed out or changed. This is because I’ve already made some progress on this list – I got started the last week of November and have been pushing like mad. I feel invigorated and excited! I’m ready for 2017 and I have success in my path.

Well, then there is the question of my goals. What are my goals? What is my resolution? I only have one resolution: Become a stronger creator.

I’m sure people are sighing. My resolution seems very anticlimactic, but hang on. This resolution has some lofty goals attached to it. Each goal takes me one step closer to my resolution and puts a stronger foundation beneath myself. I’m making up for eight years of failure.

So, without any more rambling, here are my goals in order to grow as a creator in 2017.

  1. Complete 2 manuscripts, including editing.
  2. Submit 1 manuscript to agents.
  3. Finish my children’s book.
  4. Craft more in my free time.
  5. Read more books – not just instructional or educational.
  6. Complete 2 full serials on my website.
  7. Keep a strong, tight schedule of blogging.
  8. Start a Youtube channel.
  9. Organize and write 3 more manuscripts.
  10. Draw more often.
  11. Write EVERY DAY
  12. Enter at least 5 contests.
  13. Stay organized.

These are fairly straight-forward. Writing everyday is a big one. I use to do it all the time. I definitely miss it.

Well then everyone, what are your goals and how do you plan to reach them?

Fantasy obsessed, bunny loving, caffeine fanatic, elf fan who writes, lives, and dreams in her own imagination.

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