Welcome to Ahavalla – An Introduction to Devour A God

Devour A God is an experimental series of novelettes, that tell the story of gods, humans, and the demons that threaten their world. Valen is a young human male sent to be the bride – or dinner – to the God of Destruction, Runihara in hopes of sparing the village his wrath. When the god finds this young man waiting at the foot of his crumbling shrine he is left with the choice of what to do with the ostracized creature. Valen is loyal, kind, and gentle, but Runihara has no wish to keep him around.

In Ahavalla, the realm of the gods, the reborn God of Sun, Taiyo has taken notice to a change within their people. Their leader is recluse and quiet, even when the barriers around the city are beginning to weaken and too many gods have been banished. With a rising evil aura, the demons are growing in number, the curse burned into his flesh isn’t the only battle Taiyo is fighting.

The Places:

Ahavalla is the realm of the gods. It is a small city protected by a magical barrier. A long time ago it was a huge city, but after an attack by demons led by the demon lord Rizer, the gods retreated to their temple and put up a barrier. The city holds many secrets waiting to be discovered.

Timera is the realm of mortals. While many gods live in Ahavalla, hundreds of uniquely revered creatures live within Timera. Land Gods such as mountain gods, water spirits, tree gods, and wind sprites, they are all considered gods worthy of worship for their powers. In history, humans loved and worshiped the gods, but in recent years greed and hatred have grown in human hearts and the land gods are left struggling to survive.

Types of Gods:

Lord Gods – These are the top tier of gods with humanoid appearances and powerful transformations. They control elements of “The Cycle” – a process of life and death that keeps Timera healthy and thriving. They possess human emotions, the ability to reproduce, and can fall victim to things such as greed and desire. They protect the world and live within the confines of a single city in Ahavalla. Lord Gods are separated between White Ones (life, love, purity) and Black Ones (disease, death, hatred).

Wandering Gods – Neutral gods with no affiliation to White or Black, these weaker gods only have a humanoid form. They receive their strength from the bond between Ahavalla and Timera and bring blessings to humans as they travel.

Elemental Gods – Besital creatures that bring good health to their element. There are many within the same elements spread throughout Timera. These gods can never exist in Ahavalla and appear in nature. They require offerings to keep them strong but offerings vary from god to god. A tree good may require gifts, prayers, and seeds while a god of fire may receive their power from humans creating fire. Too much power can sometimes cause a god to lose control. A fire god with too much power may accidentally cause a fire to break out.

Chained Forgotten- These gods were residents of Ahavalla or Wandering Gods who shackled to shrines around the world, often places like lakes, mountains, and trees. They are doomed to an eternity in loneliness, typically bound to places where humans do not tread with only their eternal life and the curse of mortality. This punishment is for trying to harm the cycle or for breaking the laws of the gods. Some Chained Ones take their own lives or become malformed by their weakened state.

Fairies – Tiny creatures that are an extension of the power of the god they follow. Firelight fairies are power sprites of God of Sun Taiyo. They spread warmth and light and give power to that which draws on the sun, such as plants and animals. The strongest of these fairies may become an Elemental God if they become attached to Timera.


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