On a warm day or a cold day, I’m usually coming up with some new story idea.  Inspiration exists in the world around me. Rainbow is my favorite color.

I am an author, an artist, and an avid creator. I can usually be found glued to my chair in front of my computer with caffeine, chocolates, crazy slippers, pillows, and a blanket or three, tip-tapping away at my keyboard and staying warm.

Though it may already be obvious, I like to ramble and chatter a lot. The appeal of being a storyteller is that you get to tell stories, no matter what the topic is. Here, on this small website, you’ll find my random and often long-winded blog posts, my many stories, and some of my personal best art. It is my goal to keep this website as overflowing and colorful as my life.


My Current Schedule:

Sun – Start of the Week. Patreon and Instagram “Welcome to A New Week” video
Mon – Youtube Video; Editing and Photography; 8-11 PM Writing Live Stream on Twitch
Tue – Blog Post; 8-11 PM Writing Live Stream on Twitch
Wed – Patreon Only content release; 8-11 PM Art Live Stream on Twitch
Thu – Blog Post; Story Discussions; 8-11 PM Art Live Stream on Twitch
Fri – Youtube Video; Patreon Only content release; 8-11 PM Gaming Live Stream on Twitch
Sat – Patreon Only Live Stream on Patreon 7-8 PM including Plan With Me discussions.

My current works include a 28 day, 28 chapter story: 13 to 1; a fantasy-romance read aloud short: BlackBriar; an entry in Petals and Blades: Lionhead Rose; Council of Sons Novel 1; and Devour A God Novel 1.

February 14th, 2018, my short story 14 Days will be published in the Dreaming Rabbit Press Anthology, BlackHearts.