On a warm day or a cold day, I’m usually coming up with some new story idea.  Inspiration exists in the world around me. Rainbow is my favorite color. I am an author, an artist, and an avid creator. I can usually be found glued to my chair in front of my computer with caffeine, chocolates, crazy slippers, pillows, and a blanket or three, tip-tapping away at my keyboard and staying warm.

My current schedule is just an overview of my week and does not reflect everything I do on that day. Of course, I do a lot more and I write nearly every day.

Sun – Start of the Week. Photography Day. Prepping for the week. At home Hot meals day. Homeschool Grades Day.
Mon Patreon and Ko-Fi Posting. Youtube recording (coming soon).
Tue – Data Day. Blog post on Xaneria.Com
Wed – Video editing (coming soon). Orders mailed out.
Thu – Patreon and Ko-Fi Posting. Blog Post on Xaneria.Com
Fri – Video Upload (coming soon). Blog Writing. Blog Post on DAU Guild.
Sat – Planner Day! Live Stream on Patreon. Shop updates.

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