Thorns of Prisams


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"I had never seen the sun so close," Toddy whispered. He pressed his face into his hands and sighed. His lips burned, his fingers trembled. "Had I known how hot it would burn in my chest, I'd had sought it sooner. Kiss me again and turn me to ashes."

Liam laughed. "Dramatic." He shook his head, leaning back on his elbows and gazed at the stars above them. "Why the sun, of all things?"

"Because- your aura is orange. Brighter than the center of a flame and blinding like the sun."

It has been 20 years since the events of Lionhead Rose. Prince Toddy has traveled to a small village on the border of Prisams to escape the overbearing expectations of his father.

When his baldric snaps, he seeks the expertise of a local leather smith. Drawn in by the handsome man, Toddy dedicates himself to pursuing love and avoiding returning home, but his quest is interrupted by assassins. Saved by his love interest, the pair escape to the mountains


Between secrets and lies, Toddy's world changes as the corrupt history behind his lineage seeps to the surface. Running from those who want to take his life and those who want to take his freedoms, he must find his own path or be swallowed by reality.


I can only provide you with this list to act as a tool in the battle with your mind. No one knows your scars better than you. Take care of your mental health and stay ever adventurous.

As always, I will be continuously updating these lists.

This is a list of Representation, Tropes, and Content Warnings within this single story. It is by no means comprehensive. If you see something you think should be included, please Contact Me.


Sexual Assault

Sexual Violence

Implications of Infidelity (Adultery)

Slavery and Blackmail


Self-Harm and Suicide


Deceitful Partner



BIPOC characters

BIPOC Royalty and Nobility

Lesbian Relationships

Female Hierarchy

Females in Power

Female Heroes

Nuclear Family

Stigma-Free Mental Health


I Have A Secret

Medievalism and The World That Never Progresses

Blackmail Is Such An Ugly Word

Benevolent Mage Ruler and The High Queen

Decadent Court and Color-Coded Patrician

The Usurper and Sent Into Hiding

If you think I've missed anything or have any suggestions, feel free to send me a message!


First Guardian Njemile

Staunch, principled, proud, Njemile is a woman of silent affection who serves Queen Zira without hesitation. Though the people see her as a champion to Prisams, her loyalties reside with the queen herself and not the country.

Queen Zira Marigalus

Prominent and magnanimous, Zira is the 13th ruler of Prisams, blessed by the sun. Like her predecessor, she is a kind and generous ruler, well-loved by the people, who abides by the Codex of Kingdom without fail. Awarded the throne in a unanimous vote of the court after the death of the former king, she loves her people but she loves her family more.

Rosslee Marigalus

The young son of Zira and Cadelina, it is his gray aura that leads his family to ruin. A bright and curious child, he adores his family and his life in the castle.

Duci Lewis

A soft-spoken and gentle Aura Master trapped in a slaver's deed, Duci is ruled by fear. Her tender heart and strong feelings for the one she loves is a cage that binds her stronger than the shackles of her deed.

Queen Consort Cadelina

A proud and disciplined daughter of nobles, Cadelina earned her place and Zara's heart through her dedication and talent. Their son is her pride and joy, a symbol of status and perseverance. She is more likely to act on compassion than abide by law. Though accused of adultery, she remains defiant against those charges. 

Avalrin Tro

Former Queen Consort, Avalrin loathes his position as Second Lover. A narcissistic and manipulative man, he holds onto weaknesses in those around him to keep situations in his favor. His desire has always been for Zira to be his.


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First Guardian Njemile
Art By: Artnicooo

Art By: Alfredowkwk
Aura Master Duci
Art By: Artnicooo

Queen Zira
Art By: Artnicooo

Queen Consort Cadelina
Art By: Artnicooo