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Money and status never mattered to town Princess, Clara Larue. She was in love with her hardworking cowboy, Grayson Harris since he ran her over in the middle school hallways, covered in dirt and a gorgeous smile.

But when Grayson needed her the most, he broke her heart and chased her away.

For 9 years she worked to become her own woman and move on from the pain. So, why has Clara answered his letter? Why did she go home to see him? And what does Grayson want?

That Night in the Rose Garden is a childhood friends, high school sweethearts, second chance, HEA story with a bisexual man, about overcoming grief and financial differences.

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About the Author

A multi-genre queer romance author, who writes with a passion for emotions, trauma, and queer polyamorous relationships. Her stories are driven by the characters first, the worlds second, and the plot always.

She is currently hiding in her cave learning the ways of being a social media butterfly instead of a plot bunny den collector.

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