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LionHead Rose - PreOrder

LionHead Rose - PreOrder

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Njemile has lived a generous life...

Serving as a knight to the crown, and never doubting those who rule above her. Grateful and dedicated to her magnanimous country, her pride and unshaken loyalties were always rewarded and treasured.

However, when the queen’s wife is accused of infidelity and the one who damned her to exile is someone Njemile cannot publicly rebuke, she finds herself lost between duty to her friend the queen, and a promise to honor and cherish the love of her life.

Everything is going up in flames and ash around her. Will First Guardian Njemile cower in the shadows as her country is turned upside down or will she step up and make a stand alone?

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Water flows from blue.
Fire burns with red.
Green blankets the world.
Black swallows the dead.
The sun radiates gold.

Power sits within the colors of one's aura and power rules the people. Among the royals, a gray soul should not exist.

-Codex of Kingdom by King Malia Moonwrite

Brimming with peace and beauty, Prisams is a country set apart from the world. The aura of a person, read by an Aura Master, determines status. Average people carry a simple grey aura while royalty and nobility enjoy bold auras and the magic they carry.

For 227 years, the sun has ruled, powerful and feared by outsiders. Thriving, the people of Prisams enjoy prosaic lives with little worries, blessed by the blinding aura of Queen Zira Marigalus.

When the queen consort is accused of adultery, Zira is rendered powerless by the laws of Prisams and can make no move to argue the accusations. Forced to accept the exile of her wife and young son, Zira asks her champion, First Guardian Njemile, to escort her family safely to their destination.

A proud and loyal servant of the queen, Njemile has no qualms expressing her disdain for the law or the persecution of the queen consort. Yet, as deceit and blackmail taint the golden kingdom, she finds herself trapped between a path of love or duty, either one threatening to crumble. Can Njemile protect the one she loves and still hold her head high as the First Guardian to Queen Zira?

LionHead Rose is a beautifully crafted tragedy, the first in a Duology. Both stories connect, but can be read as a stand-alone. There is no HEA and it has an open ending.

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Basic Information

Word Count 20,000 words
Published Date March 31, 2024
Cover Artist Xaneria Ann


Page Count xxx
Size 6x9 inches
Weight 13.6 oz
ISBN 978-1-7350806-1-1


 Formats EPub; Mobi; PDF
ISBN 978-1-7350806-0-4


Length  --
Narrator  --


Cover Artist  Xaneria Ann
# of Copies 20

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