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That Night In The Rose Garden

That Night In The Rose Garden

Money and status never mattered to town Princess, Clara Larue. She was in love with her hardworking cowboy, Grayson Harris since he ran her over in the middle school hallways, covered in dirt and a gorgeous smile.

But when Grayson needed her the most, he broke her heart and chased her away.

For 9 years she worked to become her own woman and move on from the pain. So, why has Clara answered his letter? Why did she go home to see him? And what does Grayson want?

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"I always loved him...
...I thought he loved me...
...that he trusted me...
...that we would always be together.
Instead, he broke my heart.
So, I ran away from him...
It's been 9 years.
Why am I back here, to meet him?"


9 years have gone by since Clara Larue left Timberose Hills, turning her back on her parents and escaping her broken heart for life in the big city. With a great job, a condo of her own, and friends who adore her, she should be happy. Should be, but no man could live up to the memories of her first love.

Grayson Harris regrets everything. From the moment she walked out that door, storming into the cool February evening, he cursed himself over and over. Larger than life and always doing things with an extravagant air, Clara didn't just leave, she vanished. Gone from his world, Grayson tried to forget and move on but nothing could wipe the memories of her from his heart.

When a letter arrives on Clara's doorstep from Grayson, asking her to come back to Timberose, she knew she should resist. So, why did she find herself on a train making her way back home? And was she ready to face her parents again? Or Grayson? What good could come from going back to the place that still held her heart hostage in it's icy February fingers?

That Night in the Rose Garden is a childhood friends, high school sweethearts, second chance, HEA story about overcoming grief and financial differences.

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Content Guide

Content Warnings

-Racism + Racist Language
-Mention of Death of a Parent + Sibling
-Discussions of Drug Abuse
-Discussions of Domestic Violence and Abuse
-Mentions of Suicide
-Mentions of Child Neglect
-Mentions of Off Screen Violence Against Women


Queer Characters
Wealthy but Simple
BIPOC Ranchers/Cowboys
Single Mothers


Second Chance Romance
High School Sweethearts
Uptown Girl
Dating What Mommy Hates
Small Towns Big Hearts
Promotion to Parent


Basic Information

Word Count xx words
Published Date February 14, 2024
Cover Artist Xaneria Ann


Page Count xxx
Size 6x9 inches
Weight 13.6 oz


 Formats EPub; Mobi; PDF


Length  --
Narrator  --


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